Saturday, April 28, 2007

Come and Join All the Creative Fun!

The Young Artists Studio

At the
Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
Part of the Youth Summer Programs

Director of the Young Artists Studio:
Gwendolyn Natusch, Island Educator and Artist

2007 Summer Sessions

July 9 - 13

July 16 - 20

July 23 - 27

Sessions run Monday through Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm
Available for children ages 6 to 12

Young Artists will participate in
Art Projects like these:

Sculpting with a Variety of Materials
Puppet Making
Paper Mache
Watercolor Painting
Acrylic Painting
Toy Making
Game Creating
Canvas Mixed Media Creations
Hat Making
Self Portraits
And Many More!!!

The Young Artists Art Weekly Exhibit

Each Friday from Noon to 1:00pm the Young Artists will present an art exhibit for parents and friends. The art show will consist of the work each artists has created throughout the week. They will be present to answer questions about how they created their art pieces and tell you about the materials and techniques that they have learned. This is a time for each of the Young Artists to shine as they share their creative self and works.

Many Young Artists in the past have added one or more pieces of their art work to the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair in August. As an art teacher I encourage this as it is yet another venue for these Young Artists to display their work and find pride in what they have created as an artist.

Experiences in exhibiting one's work is part
of how an artist operates in the world and so
these kinds of exhibiting experiences mirror real life.

Creating Art Portfolios

Many Young Artists who have participated in the Young Artists Studio have begun creating their own art portfolio. This idea of creating a collection of personal art can become a memorable keepsake and also begin your child's art collection which will display their growth as an artist.

Cost for each weekly session is $175.00

For more information call Dan Sharkovitz, Director of the Youth Summer Programs at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School at 508-693-1033 ext. 158.

Register online at:

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